Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Advantages And Buying Guide

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very popular and also useful for every type of home. One benefit of handheld vacuum cleaners is their versatility. Because portable vacuums are small, you can clean up spills faster than full-size vacuums. Cordless, handheld vacuums are also easier to maneuver in small spaces, including corners, stairs and other crevices that a full-size vacuum normally has difficulty with. It always seems that we spill something while we are in the car, some coffee, some food, our makeup; it always ends up where we don’t want it. Buying a handheld vacuum will help you clean up the messes. The great thing with the handheld car vacuum options is that a lot of time you can charge them with your cigarette lighter, which makes them even easier to use should something happen. Keep yours under the seat and the next time that accident occurs, you’ll be more than prepared to fix it and keep your car looking great and smelling even better. Also if you are looking to buy best vacuum cleaner in India, then read our buying guide that will help you in choosing the right vacuum for your need.

How Do I Clean a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Having a clean handheld vacuum is very important. The main reason for vacuuming is not only to make you house look nice, but it is also to help keep it safe for nasty allergens, pollen and dust mites which can cause respiratory problems. A clean handheld vacuum will keep the house clean, a dirt vacuum will drag more dust and dirt around your house, making cleaning pointless. Here’s how to do it:

  • Firstly unplug it, if it is a corded unit. Having a clean handheld vacuum is easier to do when there is no electricity going through the unit. Check the bag and replace it if over half full. If it is bag-less, empty the canister and wipe the insides with a dry cloth. Check the filter condition too, clean around where it goes and replace the filter if necessary. Some filters can be washed so do that and allow it to dry fully before replacing it.
  • Check the attachments and nozzles. Clean them with a cloth or water as best you can, again allowing to dry thoroughly. Check over the unit for cracks or noises which weren’t there when you first bought it. A clean handheld vacuum is easier to see if there are problems occurring or about to occur.
  • Remove any hair, dust or foreign bodies from the unit. A clean handheld vacuum will work much more efficiently if itself is clean. Any obstructions, especially to the filter, will cause a loss of suction and poor running. Overheating might ensue, which will damage the unit and most likely not be covered by the warranty.
  • Emptying the bin or canister regularly will make sure your clean handheld vacuum is performing at its best. The cleaner will last longer and be more effective when it’s clean.

Buying a handheld vacuum cleaner

handheld vacuum cleaner
There’s a huge difference in cleaning power between the best and worst handheld vacuums. The handheld vacuum fills a unique cleaning niche and allow you to clean those tough to reach places with ease. Handheld vacuums are small, lightweight appliances that and can fit in the trunk of your car or the back of your closet. As with any household appliance, a portable vacuum cleaner is a necessary product. Read on for tips on how to find the best model.
Better still, if you choose to go with a cordless model that’s powered by a rechargeable battery, you can take it with you anywhere—allowing you to clean out your car, your desk or anywhere else you need a quick, thorough vacuuming. Here’s what you need to know about vacuuming performance, portability, benefits and support. When you need to pick up dirt and spills, they are far better than any regular vacuum. As well as small dustbuster-style handheld vacuums, you’ll also see cordless or ‘stick’ vacuum cleaners in the shops. Still, don’t let their small size fool you, as despite being quite little and lightweight, the good handheld vacuums can really suck.
Handheld vacuums are your best option for keeping a car clean or quickly picking up small messes around your house. The ease of use and nowadays they have HEPA filtration which keep dangerous air particles to a minimum makes them just as effective as a regular cleaner. These cordless stick cleaners look like skinnier versions of a conventional push-along vacuum. Any decent handheld should feature a high voltage motor that provides exceptional cleaning strength in a small, compact package. The best handheld vacuums require little space and can mount on the wall or the corner of your trunk when they’re not in use. The price which you pay for a portable vacuum cleaner depends on your budget. They don’t have a cord but are pushed around the floor in the same way. Nonetheless, the corded models do tend to be a bit more powerful than their cordless counterparts. Hand vacuums are a good choice if you have pets that shed, and some are made specifically for that task. It is possible to pay above $200 and you will most likely see the difference.
As they’re battery powered they have a limited running time, so are better for smaller cleaning jobs. Many come with attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, while others have special heads that convert for different tasks. Higher suction power, long lasting batteries, a range of hoses or attachments and an ergonomic design all play a part in the retail price. Choose a hand vacuum which has good reviews, a decent price and a well respected brand.

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

LG Kompressor LuV400T
The technology incorporated into LG Kompressor LuV400T vacuum cleaner, makes it one of the finest on the market. The Kompressor technology makes all the difference. There are no vacuum bags to worry about. This is a completely bagless vacuum. It allows you to store up to 3 times the amount of dust, dirt and pet hair as other comparable models. It features an enhanced suction system that makes use of two extra air suction paths that provides a wider cleaning area and makes getting into hard to reach places much easier. And the detachable cleaning wand gives you up to 15 feet additional reach.

If you’re tired of messing around with all those old dust bags, the LG Kompressor is the answer. It has greater capacity than most comparable vacuum cleansers and its unique technology compresses more dust and dirt into a cake for easy disposal. This is a real convenience factor.

The LuV400T has been certified to be allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It has been proven to significantly reduce common allergens like dust mites and common animal dander. It comes with a HEPA filter.

It comes with 3 on-board accessories including the pet hair turbine tool that is great for stairs and other dust collecting spots. It has a crevice tool especially designed for corners and other hard to get at places and a unique 2-in-1 upholstery tool for easy cleaning of fabrics. The long reach cord at 40 ft. means you won’t have to be hunting for a new wall socket every time you want to move the vacuum.

Most customers rave about the amount of suction and cleaning power of the LG Kompressor – especially if they have pets that shed. Not having to keep cleaning or replacing filters and vacuum bags makes vacuuming a lot easier and faster. It works on carpets and hardwood floors equally well.

The attachments are very popular although several people have mentioned that using the hose requires some getting used to. And there are some nuances in their use. Some have complained that the vacuum is heavier than they would like but others have said they have no problem with the weight. This means it is what you are used to when it comes to weight. If you will be lugging the vacuum up and down stairs you might want to consider the weight of this one. It weighs in at 27.5 pounds.

There are other features of this vacuum that make it a very desirable product. It’s not the cheapest vacuum on the market but most customers would say it is worth the price when compared to other vacuums in the same category.
Overall, if you are looking for a vacuum with a lot of cleaning power with the hassle of always having to empty the dust bag or clean filters you should consider the LG Kompressor LuV400T. It is known for its high compression system and high suction cleaning capability.

Things You Should Know About Ecommerce And Web Design

Ecommerce services refer to web design that is oriented towards visitors purchasing goods and services online with a credit or debit card. It is a special type of web design and requires construction that ensures that a customer receives what was purchased while protecting their sensitive financial information. So with these requirements, here are some principles you need to follow when implementing an ecommerce website for a client.

A shopping cart is a term used to describe web software that allows an internet shopper to select items for purchase placing them in a virtual basket for later checkout. It is analogous to the shopping carts we all use in the super markets. Some web site designers will code their own shopping cart modules or use a commercially-available plug-in.

An effective ecommerce design is one that clearly displays important information. Probably the most important item of information is the price for a product and clearly showing the price helps build customer trust in a website. Another import facet of ecommerce web site design is to always display the “buy” button clearly from the shopping cart. When that button is difficult to find, customers might change their mind about the purchase while searching for it.

They design shopping carts so that customers can easily find and buy a product. They will try to adhere to the principle of least-clicks for shoppers trying to navigate the shopping cart. This requires implementing a search feature and clearly-defined categories with the ability to list subcategories by the hover of a mouse pointer over each.

Ecommerce web designers make sure to use quality photographs of products. Since the buyer cannot hold the item being purchased, a high-quality picture is the closest substitute to being there. Blurred images also tend to degrade the overall image of the website and can work against buyer trust.

Well-written descriptions help the buyer make smart purchases. As a web design client, you will most likely have to write all of the descriptions for each product in your shopping cart. A customer feels he or she is making a smart purchase when you give the most information possible. If the descriptions are too long, the web designer can recommend a “read more” link in order to have a breakout page or window to hold the remaining information.

A well-designed ecommerce website will have a cross-reference to related products. Customers on the site are oftentimes trying to compare just as they would in a traditional retail outlet. Not only are they trying to compare but looking for accessories too. A way to improve the customer shopping experience is to list alternative products and accessories under their own categories so that the buyer has an easier time looking for exactly what is wanted.

Credit card transactions are more than likely handled through a merchant account. In many ways this is advantageous to the website owner because the merchant services provider will handle much of the security required in an environment where credit cards are used. For example, a merchant services provider might actually provide the purchase web forms that capture customer name, phone number, credit card number, expiration date, and any other information needed. Plus, they do this all within the context of a secure socket layer which protects the electronic transmission of customer information.